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Published: 07/05/2013

To celebrate the official re-launch and continuing innovation of The Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme, Denplan took advantage of the BDA Conference and Exhibition’s venue at London’s ExCel Centre to hold a gala river cruise on the Thames.

The new programme includes the unique Denplan Excel/PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) which not only offers a current oral health status for patients, but also provides an accurate risk assessment based on the patient’s current habits and lifestyle. The assessment is quick and easy to fill in with patients and allows dental professionals to open channels of communication more easily. It can also provide indicative review of the patient’s Denplan fee category, enhancing the weighting of periodontal disease and introducing future disease risk as a factor.

Roger Matthews, Denplan Chief Dental officer said: “With the current and appropriate emphasis on disease risk assessments for all patients, and building on the positive patient reaction to Denplan's Oral Health Score, the new and unique Denplan PreViser tool keeps clinicians at the forefront of contemporary standards.”

The evening invited the dentists involved in piloting the new Excel programme to enjoy a glass of champagne and the unique London scenery by starlight. After being welcomed by Denplan Managing Director Steve Gates, there were also presentations by Roger Matthews; Professor Ian Chapel from the Birmingham Dental School; Stephen Fayle from the Leeds Dental Institute and Henry Clover, Denplan’s Deputy Chief Dental Officer who talked about the newly revised Excel for Children programme also.

Nigel Carter, CEO of the British Dental Health Foundation, also gave his endorsement of the programme via video at the event, saying: “I am delighted to announce the recognition from the BDHF of the new Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme in its new revised form. Patients are looking for a quality experience from their dental practice and this new programme is going to help every practitioner achieve that quality experience for their patients. We can really recommend that practitioners take it on board and use the 360-degree approach it offers to improve the Denplan patients’ quality experience.”