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Hitler's halitosis

Published: 23/02/2010

Bad oral health and poor diet played their part in the decline of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s health, recent medical research has revealed. The British Dental Health Foundation’s campaigners have called on the UK public to maintain a healthier dental routine following a German study of the Fuhrer’s dental records.

In her Dentist of the Devil doctorate, German dentist Menevese Deprem-Hennen outlines how Hitler was plagued by severe halitosis (bad breath), gum disease and tooth decay.

Foundation chief executive Nigel Carter said: ‘Persistent bad breath is usually caused by gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums and back of the tongue. Correct and regular brushing can help keep your breath fresh. It is important to ensure plaque is removed from around the gum margins by regular brushing and from between the teeth by using interdental brushes or dental floss daily. You can also use a tongue scraper or brush to remove bacteria from the back of the tongue.’

Hitler’s dental records revealed his lack of oral care led to unhealthy teeth, and the removal of a molar tooth following periodontal problems. His health also suffered through eating very badly, a poor diet compounding his oral health problems.

Despite the Fuhrer’s alleged sensitivity to pain, Deprem-Hennen also details how Hitler was treated eight times for root canal work by his own private dental practitioner, and was also plagued by a likely dental phobia.