Clinical Dentistry

Reducing the likelihood of secondary caries development

A look at the treatment options available.

Remain diligent

Hannah Burrow discusses how to keep compliant, even during routine treatment.

Small steps that can have a big impact on challenging extraction cases

Kate Scheer provides advice on how to prepare effectively.

Dental extractions, what are the risks?

Hannah Burrow explains the importance of recording the patient's clinical journey.

NHS Update: Revised clinical standards

Sara Hurley, chief dental officer for England, outlines the recent changes in NHS guidelines and announces events happening in May 2023.

Jaw surgery technique cures over 50 per cent of sleep apnea cases

Dentists will already know that any activity within the oral cavity can be linked to breathing. Positioning dentists as a key mechanism for identifying conditions such as obtrusive sleep apnea (OSA).

Get the patient to the church on time!

Ceri Owen-Roberts shows how he uses digital technologies to support planning and delivery of implant treatment in a young female patient.

Needle-free dental anaesthesia

Researchers are literally taking the pain out of visits to the dentist after the successful creation and pilot trial of a needle-free device for dental anaesthesia for teeth extractions.

Non-opioid alternatives for dental pain

A study from the University of Rochester compared two groups of patients who had dental extractions at in a local dental care clinic to find an alternative to opioid painkillers.

Full-arch rehabilitation using six implants

Amit Patel shares his recent case, where he provided full-arch rehabilitation for a patient.

A full smile refresh

Dr Reema Aggarwal describes a smile refresh of a patient who had advanced tooth surface loss.