Dental Materials

Dental amalgam extension: a ‘glimmer of hope’ for Northern Ireland dental services

The British Dental Association (BDA) Northern Ireland (NI) has expressed relief that the European Commission has approved a derogation from the EU’s mercury regulations.

Dental amalgam can be used until 2034 in Northern Ireland

The European Union (EU) has confirmed that dentists in Northern Ireland can continue to use dental amalgam. Dental amalgam can be used until December 31, 2034, or until the date agreed by the global...

Gum protection oral care range released

Corsodyl has launched a new Gum Strength & Protect line comprised of two toothpastes and a daily mouthwash, which are clinically proven to protect against gum problems.

Charity launches its ninth mobile dental unit

Dentaid The Dental Charity has announced the launch of its ninth mobile dental unit, which was made possible by a generous donation from The Health Lottery.

What is the truth about dental amalgam?

One of the critical debates at BDIA Dental Showcase 2024 focused on dental amalgam. Opinion leaders met to discuss the material's safety and the available options for clinicians.

Low-cost liquid prevents 80 per cent of cavities in school children

An inexpensive, cavity-fighting liquid called silver diamine fluoride (SDF) works as well as dental sealants to keep tooth decay at bay in a school cavity prevention and treatment program, according...

Proof of concept for material for dry mouth conditions

A novel aqueous lubricant technology designed to help people who suffer from a dry mouth is up to five times more effective than existing commercially available products, according to laboratory...

Association says amalgam ban could break NHS dentistry

The British Dental Association (BDA) has warned the European Parliament’s vote to ban dental amalgam from January 1, 2025, will send shockwaves across the UK’s already struggling dental services.

Material matters

Cemal Ucer explains how to choose the right bone grafting material to achieve the best clinical outcomes for your patients.

Restorative system deemed suitable for medium to large class II restorations

A five-year multicenter clinical study confirms Equia Forte is a suitable material for medium to large class II restorations.

Dental brand announces launches international logistics centre and welcomes new general manager

American dental group Young Innovations has established a new logistics centre in Ireland. The Dungarvan site will become a hub for international trade and the European market.