Infection Prevention and Control

First-of-its-kind splatter study examines infection control during oral surgery

A study from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry examined the patterns of splatter contamination created by rotary instruments and irrigation during oral surgery. This study is the first...

Doing your bit

Rebecca Waters discusses the role of dental professionals in fighting antibiotic resistance.

Viruses – what are they, and why are they a threat?

A look at how to stop the spread of harmful microorganisms.

IP&C Practice of the Year winner announced

The winners of the 2023 ‘Aura Infection Prevention and Control Practice of the Year’ has been announced.

Best practices for instruments disinfection and decontamination

A look at the steps for safe sterilisation.  

Safe and effective microbial control

Ross Walker details the risks associated with the overuse or incorrect use of antimicrobials.

Safe and effective microbial control

Ross Walker considers the dangers associated with antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Time to enhance your infection control

Kate Scheer considers sanitisation in the winter months.

NHS update: Antimicrobial resistance

One of the biggest threats to public health is antimicrobial resistance. The latest dentistry and oral health update from Jason Wong, deputy chief dental officer, and Ali Sparke, director for...

Recognising excellence in infection prevention and control

Applications for the ‘Aura Infection Prevention and Control Practice of the Year’ is now open!

Dentists forced to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics for toothache in pandemic

The Covid-19 restrictions preventing dentists in England from providing face-to-face treatment required some to unnecessarily prescribe antibiotics for dental pain, a study by University of Manchester...

New self-sterilising plastic in development

A team of researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have developed a new plastic film to curb the spread of viruses.