New Technology

Scientists investigate using tissue regeneration to replace root canal treatments

A new study has explored the regenerative properties of a novel technology with applications beyond the mouth.

The new face of orthodontics

Stuart Clark discusses integrating new technologies into your workflow.

Researchers develop game-changing implant technology

A team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry, led by Takahiro Ogawa, has culminated a decade of dental implant research with the development of cutting-edge...

Dental care of the future

Loven Ganeswaran discusses the evolution of patient expectations and knowledge.

Tools designed to improve the treatment of head and neck cancer

A University of Kentucky (UK) researcher is working to develop new techniques for radiation treatment to improve survival rates of patients with a specific type of cancer.

How digital dentistry can play a part in every stage of full mouth rehabilitation

The fifth in the 2023 Digital Excellence Series from Align Education explored solutions for full mouth rehabilitation. Presentations from Henrietta Lerner of Germany and Dimitar Filtchev of Bulgaria...

£100m fund to capitalise on AI’s game-changing potential in healthcare

A new mission announced by the prime minister will accelerate the use of AI in life sciences to tackle the biggest health challenges.

Considerations for the regulation of artificial intelligence in healthcare settings

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a new publication listing key regulatory considerations on artificial intelligence (AI) for health.

Digital dentistry: ‘Change with it or fall behind’

Simon Chard offered his vision for the immediate future of dental treatment at Align Technology’s UKI Forum 2023.

‘Workplace AI revolution isn’t happening yet,’ survey shows

The UK risks a growing divide between organisations who have invested in new, artificial intelligence-enabled digital technologies and those who haven’t, new research suggests.

Stem-cell-derived organoids secrete tooth enamel proteins

Organoids have now been created from stem cells to secrete the proteins that form dental enamel, the substance that protects teeth from damage and decay. A multi-disciplinary team of scientists from...

Dentists could soon have a new AI co-pilot to detect tooth decay

An artificial intelligence (AI) platform is allowing dentists and dental students to read radiograms (X-rays) with higher accuracy, helping them to better detect tooth decay and gum diseases.