Bringing the SAS to the BACD

It’s no understatement to say that the last few years have been a lesson in survival for dentists. The pandemic has brought untold challenges for individuals in the industry, meaning that many have...

Share your thoughts on dentistry’s future and be in with the chance to win a £250 Amazon voucher

Dentists are being asked for their thoughts about the future of the profession in a new survey sponsored by Practice Plan.

Growth brings happiness – but there are different types of growth!

When we talk about development in dentistry, we usually mean learning new skills or taking on more responsibilities in the practice.

Dental technician quits to become a cleaner – and earns more money

Chersty Bitsindou used to work as a dental technician, a role which she found enjoyable. However, she realised that she wasn’t getting to spend as much time with her children as she would like.

Again and again...

The pandemic and the measures put in place to fight it tore up many of life’s norms, leading many to question whether society will ever return to how it was before. Yet, one of the great paradoxes is...

A filtered view

Last month we were treated to the delightful absurdity of a Texas lawyer struggling with technology. For those who haven’t seen the viral video it is as silly as can be, and as such, hilarious. he...

A C change

Even during ‘normal’ times February can be a testing month. The weariness of continued freezing temperatures and limited hours of daylight can take its toll on one’s spirit. The enthusiasm for New...

A weighty issue

The government recently set out its new obesity strategy – a series of measures aimed at getting the nation fit and healthy.

I wonder…

Michael Sultan explains why we should focus on effective prevention rather than look for miracle cures.

Embrace our common future

David Worskett encourages the profession to come together.

Checking up on check-ups

Michael Sultan discusses the importance of regular attendance.

The current landscape

Sue Gregory looks at community dental services and their place within the wider world of dentistry.