Eddie MacKenzie

What price beauty?

The relationship between dentistry and the mainstream media has long been far from ideal. It is perhaps the nature of the beast that important health information and positive stories struggle to see...

Matters that matter

I wouldn’t describe myself as overly sensitive but I have to say I was slightly uncomfortable with some of the commentary which followed the general election.

What luck

In the build up to the election prospective MPs will be campaigning in the streets and in the media in an attempt to spread the word about how wonderful they are and how unwise it would be for anyone...

Interesting debate

In the build up to the election I lost count of the amount of times politicians would begin the answer to a straightforward question by saying they wanted to be “very clear”, and would then meander in...

All change

Hair loss, wrinkles and pain in joints I can deal with, but recently I had a moment where I suddenly realised I am getting old.

Food for thought

Eight-hundred years ago the barons of England were busy uniting themselves in a struggle against the crown.

What victory?

In December children impatiently wait for the arrival of Father Christmas; to those who have been good he brings gifts and treats, ensuring it truly is the happiest time of the year.

Power struggles

At a recent dental exhibition I was involved in a conversation with a dentist who clearly liked the sound of his own voice. I say ‘conversation’, but it was more like a monologue as it was difficult...

Talking crisis

It is said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. But dentists up and down the country could be forgiven for their scepticism over any positivity to come from the big story last month – that...

From X to why?

Speaking as a cynic I have to say the Great British Bake Off raised its game this year with the wonderful editing of the footage of ‘Freezergate’ (anything which makes a melting baked Alaska a...

Trust me!

Whilst last summer it was almost impossible to move without seeing a Union Flag or hearing people talk excitedly about the Summer Olympics, the winter version of the games currently underway in Russia...

A change of direction

Eddie MacKenzie visits the new Guildhall Dental Practice in Bury St Edmunds.

Beware of Females February?

Last October was Stoptober, the Public Health England funded campaign urged smokers to quit,  and the start of the year brought us Dry January, with members of the public encouraged to abstain from...

Taking action

I recently decided to take the plunge - no, this has nothing to do with any ice bucket challenge (who would have thought a bucket of ice cold water would be of any practical use, let alone a huge...

Going on tour

Eddie MacKenzie attends a practice managers’ forum.