Renew your skills and enthusiasm at the ADI Team Congress!

Amanda Jackson will be speaking at the ADI Team Congress within the Dental Nurses’ & Practice Managers’ Programme, discussing ‘implant decontamination’.

Wesleyan share statement following startling BDA survey results

Following the British Dental Association’s recent survey, which revealed that nearly half of dentists are severing ties with the NHS as government fails to move forward on reform, Wesleyan, the...

New study investigating burnout in dental professionals calls for participants

The University of Surrey have announced it is investigating burnout amongst dental professionals.

Nearly half of dentists severing ties with NHS as government fails to move forward on reform

The British Dental Association warns an unprecedented collapse in NHS commitment among dentists in England could spell the end for the service without radical and urgent action from government.

Obesity in the UK

Kimberley Lloyd-Rees considers what dental professionals can do to help.

Increasing precision

While a poor craftsman blames his tools, there are certainly gains to be made by understanding and incorporating technological innovations into our repertoire.  

Creating a modern practice

A look at one practice’s refurbishment success.

The plastic problem

Rebecca Waters explores what practices can do to help.

Dentists call for NHS charge freeze as cost of living crisis bites

With inflation now at a 40-year high, the British Dental Association (BDA) has called on health secretary Sajid Javid to follow the precedent set with NHS prescriptions and freeze NHS dental charges...

National Smile Month launches with calls for levelling up

Speaking recently at the launch of this year’s National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation’s chief executive, Nigel Carter, called for the government to put an end to the vast inequalities in...

Cost of living crisis forces decision between oral health and heating

"I had to choose between heating our house or saving my tooth," Melanie Fudge-Horton, a carer and mother-of-two.