No Budget, but what is Rishi’s Winter Economy Plan?

Michael Lansdell, chartered accountant founding partner at specialist dental and medical accountants Lansdell and Rose, discusses the Winter Economy Plan.

DD Group secure supply agreement with Bupa Dental Care Centres

DD Group (formerly Dental Directory) has been selected as the supplier of dental consumable products for Bupa Dental Care Centres – the second largest dental group in the UK, with over 400 practices....

Maintaining the safety of your dental practice

Richard Thomas, CEO of Curaprox UK, discusses how dental practices can ensure the safety of their staff and patients after reopening. Keeping practice surfaces clean and disinfected is paramount to...

Let’s Talk Digital with Dentsply Sirona

As dentistry goes through the pandemic, many dental professionals find themselves wondering what the future is going to look like, and crucially what they should be doing to adapt.

Jim’s successful channel swim for Dentaid

Swimming dentist Jim Lafferty has overcome crashing waves, exhaustion, hidden rocks and vicious jellyfish to successfully swim the English Channel and raise almost £7k for Dentaid.

World Cavity Free Future Day 2020 focuses on healthy smiles across generations

This year, The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future is uniting chapters across the world to raise awareness that people of all ages are susceptible to dental caries and cavities. Having conversations...

​Crouch elected new chair of the British Dental Association

Eddie Crouch has been elected as the new chair of the British Dental Association’s Principal Executive Committee (PEC).

Innovative products recognised

When Dental Advisor announced its 2020 Top and Preferred Product Award Winners there were only two products in the Innovative Products Of The Year category, both from Tokuyama.

Masterclass events back on track

EMS and the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) have announced that their Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) events are back on track, with new protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

Smiles at Sea to get SeaFit in Cornwall and Devon

This year’s Smiles at Sea and SeaFit tour of Cornwall and Devon will be a little different due to Covid-19 regulations. The focus will be on increasing the knowledge and awareness of good oral health...

Smile and the world smiles with you

It’s no understatement to say that the world needs a reason to smile after such a difficult year. World Smile Day, held on October 2, could provide just the excuse we need to spread a little cheer.

Russ Ladwa inaugurated as the BDA's 134th president

Russ Ladwa, who has held many of the leading roles in UK dentistry, has took office as the 134th president of the British Dental Association on September 16, 2020.

Innovative dental collaboration in the interests of child patients in Yorkshire and the Humber

The selection process takes place in Leeds this month for 12 dentists who will be allocated places on a new paediatric dentistry training programme in Yorkshire and the Humber.

College of General Dentistry appoints new ambassadors

The College of General Dentistry is delighted to announce the further development of its ‘college ambassadors’ scheme with the appointment of two new ambassadors – Professor Jason Leitch CBE and...

Hu-Friedy introduces HuFriedyGroup as the dental division of Cantel

Hu-Friedy has introduced HuFriedyGroup as the dental division of Cantel. This announcement follows an extensive and ongoing integration period that began in October when Cantel officially completed...