Focus on preventing youth vaping interfering with adults’ efforts to stop smoking

ASH has recently reported that the skeptical attitude towards e-cigarettes has hindered a recognition of the potentially substantial benefits of e-cigarettes in helping adults to quiet smoking.

Taken a loan from your company? How to pay it back for optimal tax-efficiency

Michael Lansdell discusses the different options when repaying a loan from your company.

Dental students in England offered £10k

The offer is part of the Department of Education’s new ‘brokerage’ scheme

Latest fall in dental earnings must serve as wake-up call to avoid collapse of Health Service dentistry

The British Dental Association Northern Ireland has warned new data confirming the continued collapse in pay among Health Service (HS) dentists could jeopardise the recovery of the service as it...

40 per cent pay cut: Lost decade undermining NHS dentistry’s covid recovery

A historic collapse in dentists' earnings across the UK is jeopardising the long term recovery of the service from the covid pandemic, says the British Dental Association.

Denplan announces launch of ‘Next Generation Dental Group’

Denplan has launched a new initiative to develop the next generation of leaders in dentistry, bringing together a small select group of young Denplan member dentists.

Throat cancer one of the most likely to go unrecognised

Amanda Pritchard, the new head of the NHS in England, has recently urged that people do not delay seeking medical treatment when suffering from stomach pain or a cough that does not go away, as these...

An NHS update from Sara Hurley and Ed Waller

Sara Hurley, chief dental officer England, and Ed Waller, director of primary care NHS England, have released a new update regarding isolation guidance for NHS workers.

A Contactless World

Even before the world changed with Covid-19, the use of contactless technology had been on a gradual rise.

Podcast Episode 9: The Fluoridation Conversation

In this episode we talk to Barry Cockcroft, former CDO for England and current chair of the British Fluoridation Society, about water fluoridation.  

The British Fluoridation Society appoints new Committee Member

The British Fluoridation Society (BFS) is pleased to announce Philip Martin BDS MDPH is joining its Executive Committee.

Capital allowances: the basics broken down

Michael Lansdell discusses capital allowances and tax efficiency.