A weighty issue

The government recently set out its new obesity strategy – a series of measures aimed at getting the nation fit and healthy.

Coping in a crisis

The Dentist talks to Lauren Harrhy about mental health in the post-covid age.

A new kind of organisation

Nigel Jones interviews Simon Thackeray about who the British Association of Private Dentistry is for, how it works and what the future might hold.

The post-lockdown opportunities

Richard Scarborough talks to Harry Singh about offering facial aesthetics after lockdown.

Looking to the future of glass hybrid technology

John Maloney talks to Professor Avijit Banerjee about how glass hybrid technology is working as an alternative to amalgam.

BDA celebrates unsung dentist heroes

​​​​​​​The BDA's Honours and Awards, designed to acknowledge the unsung heroes of the profession, has returned.

The dental world – transferrable skills

Dental hygienist Melanie Pomphrett joins Smile Revolution Podcast to talk about transferrable skills for her peers. Melanie Pomphrett qualified in 2015 after studying at the University of Essex and...

British Dental Association sets out plan to tackle racism and discrimination

The British Dental Association (BDA) has set out its commitment to tackle racism and discrimination at all levels in dentistry, following international outcry initiated by the death of George Floyd in...

PPE anxiety, discontent with regulators, pay disputes and bullying – help is at hand for dentists in a crisis

Dentist Lauren Harrhy has been working in dentistry for almost 10 years and runs her own dental practice in Newport.

The good, the bad and the ugly – dentistry and COVID-19: an uncomfortable alliance

Dentist Damien McNee emerges from the ‘avalanche of SOPs’ to share his ‘back to work’ experience.

'Dentistry can be a lonely profession' – the mental effects in the aftermath of COVID-19

Dentist Dr Lauren Harrhy set up a closed Facebook group called Mental Dental, a support dentists struggling with their mental health that now has more than 5,000 members. Here, at the Invisalign...

‘Scope for optimism’: Dental Update’s online conference puts the spotlight on a clinical way forward in a COVID-19 world

An industry expert suggests there is scope for optimism on the road towards the new normal for dentistry.