Dentistry remains most optimistic primary care profession for eighth year running

Dentists remain the most confident of all primary healthcare professionals, according to new research released yesterday.

New study suggests that good oral health can be as much about the mind as it is about the mouth

Young adults with feelings of depression are significantly more at risk of oral health diseases, according to the findings of a new study.

Time to take down barriers pushing dental patients to GPs

The British Dental Association (BDA) has called on government to urgently take down the barriers facing patients with dental problems, as new research reveals the struggles they face with cost and...

Rise in number of unhappy dentists planning to leave the NHS

The number of dentists that don’t see themselves working within the NHS in five years’ time has increased by 16 per cent since last year, according to a new survey.

The green dream

Yiannis Kotoulas talks to Brett Duane about his pioneering drive to make the dental profession more sustainable.