NHS pensions: age discrimination redress

If your pension has been affected by age discrimination, NHS Pensions should reach out to you from February 2022 to remedy the situation.

Has your practice value changed in the new normal?

After such a turbulent year, both the dental profession and the general population is slowly starting to resume some normality. This should eventually see the return of full UDAs in England, where NHS...

The new Health and Social Care levy – how will it work and who will be paying?

Michael Lansdell explains the new rise in National Insurance and explores some of the criticism the move has received.

Sale of two Glasgow dental businesses demonstrates huge buyer demand

Specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co, has announced the sale of two Glasgow dental practices - one to a first-time buyer and the other to a large dental group.

NASDAL goodwill survey – a return to normality?

The latest results published from the NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers) goodwill survey statistics were published recently.

Unused compensation for damaged property – is tax payable?

Michael Lansdell discusses how to handle capital gains tax in relation to compensation payouts.

How to persuade HMRC that an error on your tax return wasn’t deliberate

Michael Lansdell explains how to avoid errors on your tax return, and what to do if HMRC believe an error is deliberate.

Dentists’ option to pay ARF by instalments now open to sign up

Dentists can now sign up to pay their Annual Retention Fee by instalments, following the successful introduction of the scheme for dental care professionals earlier this year.

Pre-trading expenses – are directors’ salaries tax deductible?

Michael Lansdell explains the conditions for tax relief, and talks through the issue that may arise if you’re dealing with a director’s salary.

HMRC announcement re associates’ tax status

The employment status of dental associates has been discussed many times in recent years. Up until now, associates had always been covered by HMRC Guidance.

If you’re transferring a share of a rental property to save tax, be aware of a stamp duty surprise

Michael Lansdell explains how stamp duty land tax can catch out those who are looking to save on income tax and capital gains tax.

{my}dentist announces record investment in salaries of frontline staff

{my}dentist has announced a record investment of nearly £4million into the salaries of its frontline practice colleagues to ensure clinicians have access to the best support network in the sector.