New Technology

Oral-B welcomes the future of oral health in bold new ad to introduce its most revolutionary technology to date, the Oral-B iO

Oral-B pioneered both the electric toothbrush and connected brushing, and now has unveiled a new TVC to introduce a whole new generation of brushing technology, Oral-B’s new iO.

Five questions to ask before buying a face screen

Centurion, the trusted PPE manufacturer, is encouraging anyone buying face screens, also being marketed as visors, cough guards, face guards and sneeze protection, to ask five questions first.

DGSHAPE YouTube channel to help dental professionals discover digital

DGSHAPE UK has launched a new YouTube channel providing training and support content for users of its digital dental technology. DGSHAPE, a Roland company, is a pioneer in the development of CAD/CAM...

Comfortable alternative to disposable respirators for complete respiratory protection

The ConceptAir powered respirator kit from trusted PPE brand Centurion offers an alternative to disposable respirators for workers looking for Covid-19 PPE with enhanced comfort and protection.

The value of digital technology in occlusal analysis

Digital technology continues to transform dentistry, enabling dental professionals to streamline their workflows for improved patient care. When it comes to measuring occlusion, innovative systems...

Getting to the heart of occlusion

Occlusion is a core principle of almost every dental procedure, yet it remains one of the most misunderstood concepts in dentistry. To shed some light on the subject, Clark Dental is delighted to have...

An enhancement to care

Michael Sultan makes the case for digital communication.

Adapt, develop and thrive

A look at how to stay ahead, even in times of uncertainty.

Chatbot technology

Nathan Smith explores how to make dental practices efficient, on-brand and pandemic-proof.

Be there when you’re not

A look at how new technology is transforming dentistry.

A new, unprecedented era in brushing with the Oral-B iO

Oral-B, #1 Dentist Recommended Brand Worldwide, today unveils a new, unprecedented era in brushing with the introduction of its most advanced rechargeable electric toothbrush: Oral-B iO.

Dentist invents reusable COVID-19-protecting visor that’s ticking boxes for better patient care

A dentist who invented a new visor specifically designed to help colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak is hoping to begin shipping next month.