Oral health

Is dentistry becoming privatised?

Despite Nicola Sturgeon vowing to prevent the NHS from becoming privatised, some fear that dentistry is being privatised by stealth.

Could heartburn drugs be used to treat gum disease?

That’s the question now being asked, after a study from the University at Buffalo revealed that patients who used proton pump inhibitors were more likely to have smaller probing depths in the gums.

Water fluoridation: a statement from the UK chief medical officers

Recently, the UK government published a statement on water fluoridation from the UK chief medical officers.  

Children facing long waits for dental treatment

NHS dentistry delays are affecting the oral health, and general wellbeing, of children.  

Tooth emergence: timing is everything

The ages that most people get their three adult molars are six, 12 and 18 – much later than our closest living relative, the chimpanzee, who gets those same teeth at around three, six and 12.

Spider’s silk used to treat infected teeth

Historically, spider silk has been used to treat a variety of ailments, ranging from skin lesions to warts. There was even a time when doctors would advise patients to place cocoons on infected teeth.

Delays in NHS dentistry

NHS dentistry access delays are now so severe that some patients are resorting to removing their own teeth, as reported by the BBC.

Denplan pledges to invest in providing dental services to those most in need

Denplan, part of Simplyhealth, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Dentaid, to improve access to vital oral healthcare provision to those most in need around the UK. 

Aquafresh launches Shine Bright campaign to help combat children’s tooth decay

Aquafresh has launched a new campaign to help educate both parents and children on the importance of good oral health.

World Smile Day!

October 1st is World Smile Day! A day to make other people smile and do kind acts. Whilst smiling can reflect happy emotions, it can also reveal health signs.

Smile Together embarks on its fifth Smiles at Sea harbourside tour of Cornwall and Devon

Fisherfolk and their families are being offered free dental checks, emergency treatment and oral cancer screening in four fishing ports across Cornwall and Devon next week, thanks to Smile Together...

Safe Smiles: new campaign set to champion the benefits of safe dentistry

The British Orthodontic Society and the Oral Health Foundation has recently launched a new campaign to help patients make safer choices when it comes to their dental treatment.