Oral health

Dentists call for urgent reform as charities step in to fill access gap for school children

The British Dental Association (BDA) has warned government must pick up the pace on the reform of NHS dentistry, following an investigation from the BBC which found that teachers have requested...

School forced to rely on dental charity to treat pupils

Trinity Academy Grammar in West Yorkshire has brought in a dental charity to treat pupils during school hours.

How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another

Researchers have laid out the mechanism by which innate immune memory can cause gum disease to increase susceptibility to arthritis through alterations to immune cell precursors in the bone marrow.

Could blocking or deleting a protein help prevent common oral cancers?

Boston University dental researchers have found deleting or inhibiting a protein in the tongue might stall tumour growth in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma – the most common form of head...

New study suggests wearing dentures may affect a person’s nutrition

Dentures may have a potentially negative impact on a person’s overall nutrition, according to new research from Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Dentistry.

How to enjoy Easter and other sugary treats while avoiding tooth decay

Easter is nearly here, which means lots of chocolate and sweet treats are on offer. Children celebrating Passover (from April 15) and Eid (expected to be in early May) will also enjoy sugary treats.

New periodontitis patient study finds interdental brushes and rubber interdental picks most efficient in reducing both plaque and gingival inflammation

A newly published study has compared the efficacy of four different oral hygiene devices in reducing plaque and gingival inflammation in periodontitis patients.

Heroes of dental care to be recognised in Leicester’s Smile Awards

An awards scheme, organised by Leicester City Council, is set to recognise health professionals, dental teams, teachers, nursery staff, children’s centre workers and volunteers who are helping to...

Does mothers’ oral microbiome seed children’s microbiome, increasing caries risk?

Freida Blostein, from the University of Michigan, presented ‘Does mothers’ oral microbiome seed children’s microbiome, increasing caries risk?’ at the hybrid 51st Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the...

Anti-cancer dream cream shrinks oral tumours, according to new peer-reviewed publication

Researchers have found that applying a topical ointment containing anti-tumour factor can increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Worth the trip? Qatar tops oral health league table, new data shows as UK continues to battle ongoing dental crisis

On a new index detailing the dental health of more than 178 countries, Qatar took the top spot, with Oman coming in second and Japan ranking third.

Data reveals most to least sugary Easter eggs

As Easter is a time for chocolates and treats, Expressdentist.com were intrigued to find out which Easter eggs could be the best and worst for your teeth, based on sugar content.