Oral health

For 80 minutes that really count, first tackle oral health

With rugby fans across Europe excited about the upcoming Six Nations, few realise – from players to supporters – that healthy teeth and gums could help determine who dominates the scrum.

Colgate launches ‘HappyHabits’ campaign in partnership with dentist Monik Vasant and Dr Alex George

A survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by Colgate, revealed a decline in daily oral care routines as a result of lockdown.

BioMin supports research into oral health care

BioMin Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of BioMin F, BioMin C and BioMin F for Kids toothpastes, is delighted to support research in oral health care by sponsoring the annual BSDHT poster competition.

Key opinion leaders reach an evidence-based consensus on mouthwash use

On October 29, a group of key opinion leaders (KOLs) gathered on the Southbank in London with Johnson & Johnson Ltd. for their 2021 National Advisory Panel event. 

Inaugural College Medal awarded to Ian Mills

Ian Mills has become the first ever recipient of the prestigious College Medal, the highest honour bestowed by the College of General Dentistry (CGDent).

Social isolation among older adults linked to having fewer teeth

Higher levels of social isolation—but not loneliness— are associated with faster tooth loss in older adults in China, according to a peer-reviewed publication from New York University.

Patients travelling hundreds of miles to access NHS dental care

Two news stories were both shared in the last week which detailed patients having to travel hundreds of miles in order to access dental care.

Fossil reveals that humans have climate change to thank for the shape of our teeth

A 300 million-year-old fossil found in the US is shedding new light on how climate change shaped the way our teeth look today.

Millions are dying from antimicrobial resistance, according to a new report

The Lancet recently published an estimate of the number of deaths caused by antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which was based on an analysis of 204 countries by a team of international researchers, led...

DIY dentistry: superglue

Two different stories of patients using superglue to treat their own dental problems were recently shared within hours of each other online.

Three in 10 Brits can’t access an NHS dentist

Despite the hard work of dental teams during the pandemic, nearly a third (30 per cent) of people in the UK haven’t been able to access an NHS dentist in the past year, a new report reveals.

BBC Apprentice candidates design electric brushes

A recent episode of ‘The Apprentice’ tasked the teams to design an electric toothbrush aimed at children.