Oral health

‘Toothless’ campaign says people are resorting to “Dickensian” pain relief

Recently, Mark Jones, founder and spokesperson for the new group, appeared on BBC Radio Oxford, sharing stories of people going to extreme lengths to relieve their dental pain, all because they can't...

Act natural

Tom Alcraft considers the benefit of organic products.

“Oral cancer screenings are essential”

John Sanders, from Plymouth, is encouraging others to check for signs of mouth cancer, after a routine dental check-up with the University of Plymouth’s Peninsula Dental School during lockdown...

Oral care at home – is change needed?

A look at the evidence-based practices for at-home oral care in pursuit of improved outcomes.

Dental and medical organisations join forces to say “antibiotics do not cure toothache!”

National dental and medical organisations have come together again to support the World Health Organisation’s Antimicrobial Awareness Week, which runs from 18-24 November.

MP responds to dental delays in Hampshire: it “simply cannot go on”

Over the last few months, we have been sharing stories of how people are struggling to gain access to NHS dentistry, and in some cases are resorting to pulling their own teeth out.

Improving the understanding between obesity and gum disease

A recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research by the University of Buffalo has revealed that chronic inflammation caused by obesity may trigger the development of cells that break down...

NHS dentistry and oral health update: patients with mental illness

Sara Hurley, chief dental officer England, and Professor Tim Kendall, NHS national clinical director for mental health and consultant psychiatrist, recently shared a new NHS dentistry and oral health...

Dentists: Placeholder prescriptions undoing years of progress in fight against antibiotic resistance

The British Dental Association (BDA) has warned that ongoing difficulties in accessing dental services risk fuelling the parallel health crisis of antibiotic resistance, as new data from the UK Health...

Four BSPD role models celebrated with life membership

Four exceptional dentists, who have all left an indelible legacy on the specialty of paediatric dentistry, have been awarded honorary life membership of BSPD.

Can baby teeth be used to identify children at risk of mental health disorders later in life?

An investigation led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and published in JAMA Network Open has revealed that the thickness of growth marks in primary teeth may help identify...

Largest tooth loss research study finds poor glycaemic control in the over 30s results in fewer teeth

The largest ever research study into tooth loss and glycaemic control in a general population has found compelling evidence that people aged over 30 with higher HbA1c levels and elevated fasting blood...