Oral health

Research reveals the urgent need to grow access to dentistry

Unprecedented levels of decay and periodontal disease, dental health neglect, lockdown overindulgence and life-threatening diagnoses missed – these are just some of the predictions for the UK’s dental...

Homeless dental care hit hard by pandemic

Jill Harding, of dental charity Dentaid, reveals how fund and operations have been impacted by COVID-19, leaving the homeless and vulnerable without invaluable dental care.

A new, unprecedented era in brushing with the Oral-B iO

Oral-B, #1 Dentist Recommended Brand Worldwide, today unveils a new, unprecedented era in brushing with the introduction of its most advanced rechargeable electric toothbrush: Oral-B iO.

SDF for effective treatment of dental caries in children

A comprehensive set of resources to support the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) as a treatment to arrest dental caries in the primary dentition is available on the BSPD website.

Sugary drinks harmful to women's heart health

Drinking one or more sugary beverages a day was associated with a nearly 20% greater likelihood of women having a cardiovascular disease compared to women who rarely or never drank sugary beverages.

COVID-19 Recovery – Now is the time for strong leadership

The end is coming and now is the time to show strong leadership so that you can thrive post COVID-19.

TV's Dr Ranj gets children brushing teeth

TV's Dr Ranj has teamed up with the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry to launch a new campaign to get the UK's children into healthy toothbrushing habits.

Dentists will need to ‘push the reset button’ to rid the fear factor for patients post-lockdown

Dentists will need to push the reset button to rid the fear factor for patients due to COVID-19.

Philips Oral Healthcare get patients into #habits4life

Philips Oral Healthcare is a sponsor of National Smile Month and is reactivating is #habits4life campaign for 2020 due to its success last year.

Rock musician-turned-dentist calls on famous pals to raise money for hospice

A musician who retrained as a dentist after playing alongside various superstars is now raising money for the Scots hospice where his sister died.  

BSPD award for ‘inspirational’ dentist building a brighter future for children

The inspirational winner of BSPD’s 2020 Outstanding Innovation Award is Community Dental Officer Linzi Maybin for her Happy Teeth project. Based in Yorkshire and Humber, Happy Teeth is geared to...

UK dentistry’s top 10 dental Instagram stars go live in NHS fundraiser

UK dentistry’s biggest Instagram influencers are going live to share the secrets of their success in an online NHS fundraiser.