Oral health

High number of children waiting for dental care in NI

BBC News NI has reportedly obtained figures that show more than 500 children in the country are waiting for urgent dental treatment. However, the figure does not include the hundreds of children that...

Gum disease increases risk of other illness such as mental health and heart conditions

A University of Birmingham-led study shows an increased risk of patients developing illnesses including mental ill-health and heart conditions if they have a GP-inputted medical history of periodontal...

Is there a link between dementia and missing teeth?

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA) has identified a potential risk factor for dementia that can be found in the mouth.

Students offer free dentistry

The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy has been offering free dental care to homeless people.

Pressing on - BDJ study highlights positive impact of dental media coverage

It's tempting to think that dentists rarely get good press coverage - that the profession is seen by journalists as a begrudged and malignant necessity and a very easy scapegoat.

Seven trends in the oral care industry to look out for – Allied market research

Oral health is one of the essential aspects of maintaining good health and living a quality life.

Healthwatch England report shows NHS dental crisis growing

Healthwatch England recently released a new report titled, 'What people have told us about NHS dentistry – A review of our evidence – April to September 2021'.

Dentist mother makes claim on Tik Tok: Never kiss your child on the mouth

Joyce Kahng, a mother and dentist in California known as @joycethedentist, recently shared her thoughts regarding kissing your children on the mouth on the social media app Tik Tok.

Which Christmas chocolates contain the most sugar?

As Christmas is a time for sweets and treats, Expressdentist.com were intrigued to find out which chocolate boxes could be the worst for your teeth based on sugar content.

The relationship between toothbrushing and parental praise

A new study published in Child Development by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and the Sante Fe Institute, analyzed daily toothbrushing behaviors in three-year-olds and...

Adapting care to those with ADHD

Diane Rochford discusses how to tailor care to provide the best service to patients. 

Five dental complications you can develop by not visiting the dentist regularly

Avoiding a visit to the dentist can be tempting, and there may be quite a few valid reasons for doing this such as cost, phobia and Covid-19 restrictions.