{my}dentist begins rollout of air filtration units across network

28 September 2020
1 min read

The new units, which represent an investment of more than £1.25m, will ensure that surgeries have at least 10 air changes per hour and the fallow time after aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) to be reduced to just 20 minutes.

This will mark a huge step in the restart of routine dentistry at {my}dentist, significantly increasing available surgery hours and meaning much greater access for patients and improved productivity for clinicians.

The rollout of the air filtration units across the network will be complete by mid-October.

In addition, there are a small number of practices in Wales and Scotland where {my}dentist is installing fixed ventilation to ensure that it meets the required government standard.

Nyree Whitely, clinical director for {my}dentist, said, “There is one overriding obstacle that is preventing more patients getting access to the care they need and our clinicians being able to return to their normal levels of productivity: that is the 60-minute fallow period that is currently required between aerosol-generating procedures.

“None of us know how much longer the pandemic will last, but it is clear that patients need our services now more than ever. The installation of these units will help us take a step closer to being able to support more patients and ensure our practices are among the safest in the country.”

Further investments {my}dentist has made in protective measures during the pandemic have included a nationwide review of suction in all of its surgeries, improving efficiency where necessary to ensure that all units achieve a minimum of 300 litres per minute as well moving to an increased level of wide bore aspiration of the aspirator tips. This is in addition to strict social distancing and hygiene measures to reduce the risk of transmission.