Redundancy, the right and the wrong!

02 September 2020
3 min read

With the government’s furlough scheme slowly being wound down, a lot of employers are thinking about their business structure and what their post-coronavirus workforce will look like. The usual rules around redundancy haven’t been changed, however, with the current restrictions in place it can make the process more disconnected.

Redundancy is a very stressful life event and it can have a lasting impact on the individual concerned. The process can cause fear, anxiety and depression. It can also be upsetting for the employer; no one wants to be forced into these situations. If making redundancies is the right decision for your practice, the process should be very carefully planned and communicated clearly, with fair selection criteria in place.



Wherever possible, these difficult conversations should be face-to-face. You can create a safe and open environment in which both sides can connect and empathise with the current situation. However, social distancing can pose logistical issues and this has pushed employers to come up with alternative options of how to communicate with their staff.

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