8 June marks England's return to dentistry

28 May 2020
3 min read

In an update, Sara Hurley also suggests practices 'may wish to consider patient priorities, practice pace, proximity and levels of protection required for the safe delivery of dental care' before they resume services.

The 'prompt to prepare' guidance, she says, is designed by dental practitioners for use in primary care settings. 

She writes: 'The profession’s appreciation of the risks and compliance with the public health measures has contributed to setting the conditions for further easing of lockdown and we can reasonably anticipate the resumption of dental care in all settings, in England. 

'As we transition from the current COVID-19 peak, and a continued reduction in risk of sustained community transmission of COVID-19 is maintained, our plan for the longer term recovery can commence. The immediate focus is on increasing access for patients and supporting practices as they manage the on-going risks in delivering dental care, notably aerosol generating procedures'. 

She added: 'There will be inevitable changes with regards to pace, proximity and levels of protection that are required for effective risk management and the safe delivery of dental care. This is the time to review and make the appropriate adjustments to protocols, procedures and practice infrastructure for the safe and effective resumption of routine dental care.'

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