​Crouch elected new chair of the British Dental Association

24 September 2020
1 min read

Vice chair of the PEC since 2014, he served as secretary of Birmingham Local Dental Committee for over ten years and is now its chair. Eddie qualified in 1984 from King’s and currently provides orthodontic care for patients in South Birmingham.

He previously chaired the Annual Conference of LDCs, held the post of president of the Central Counties Branch and served on the General Dental Practice Committee for over a decade. Until recently he chaired the West Midlands Association of LDCs.
In 2007 he successfully challenged a termination clause in personal dental services (PDS) agreements in the High Court.
Eddie Crouch said, “I take office at time when dental services that millions depend on are under threat, and as we struggle to recover and restore care. There is now, however, a real opportunity to break from failed systems that were already creaking before COVID-19.
“The BDA rose to the challenge at lockdown, refocusing all its efforts in the face of a unique threat. That work is far from over, but it illustrates how we must move forward: mobilising to meet challenges head on.
“We have seen what the world looks like without dental care. It’s our responsibility to build on this, to shine a light on the vital services our members provide, and the barriers they face. Colleagues facing real financial risks need ongoing help. For patients it's essential that services are supported and improved.
“My responsibility is to listen and to lead. I intend to work with staff and representatives from across the profession in all four nations to set a direction that improves on the benefits our members enjoy, secures the future of the organisation and builds its influence. And now, more than ever, it means providing an Association that colleagues want to be a part of.”

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