Dental nurse to practice manager: Celebrating 37 years

14 July 2023
Sharon Robb.
Sharon Robb.

A local woman hailing from South Ayrshire is celebrating an impressive 37 years of service with Maybole Dental Practice, having cut her teeth at the surgery at the tender age of 16.  

A local woman hailing from South Ayrshire is celebrating an impressive 37 years of service with Maybole Dental Practice, having cut her teeth at the surgery at the tender age of 16.  

Sharon Robb (53) is a practice manager at the dental surgery, having recently been promoted thanks to her leadership and people-development skills.

Sharon initially trained throughout her long-standing career as a dental nurse under the nurturing guidance of David Logan, founder of Maybole Dental Practice.

In 2022, Sharon was offered the role of practice manager which includes looking after 14 members of staff, including the three on-site dentists, a newly qualified vocational trainee and eight dental nurses and support staff.

In addition to managing the on-site personnel, Sharon is responsible for the business operations of the dental practice, patient care standards and general management work.

Speaking of her long-standing career with Maybole Dental Practice, Sharon said, “I truly can’t believe that I’m celebrating 37 years with the practice. It’s been a fantastic place to work over the years, training as a dental nurse through the Youth Training Scheme at the age of 16 was the best decision I could have made.

“I spent 36 years as a dental nurse, the clinical environment was all I'd ever known, but when I was offered the opportunity to take on a new role within the team – practice manager - I jumped at the chance. I was ready to throw myself into a new challenge, to learn some new skills and to lead our dedicated and passionate team.”

Maybole Dental Practice sets an exemplary standard for team dedication, with many of the team celebrating 10 and 20-year periods of employment with the local dental group. The practice was acquired by Clyde Munro in 2022 as part of a joint agreement between David Logan and Clyde Munro, which now owns and manages the practice as part of its group of over 80 practices across Scotland.

Clyde Munro is keen to support the local management of its practices – with strategy and oversight being served centrally – which is why appointments such as Sharon’s are critical to the success of grassroots dental care.

Alongside the day-to-day support offered by an experienced operations team and practice manager network, Clyde Munro provides an enhanced Practice Manager Programme, which provides training in everything from business management, HR and finance to ensure practice managers have all the necessary tools for success,

Sharon continued, “It’s been a real learning curve for me going from dental nurse to practice manager, I'm learning a lot of new skills and being challenged again, which feels really rewarding.

“Even though there have been new learnings along the way, I've never felt alone. The team that we have at our disposal is tremendous and very patient. The operations team has guided me through new processes and provided a community of other practice managers that I can call on and learn from.”

Fiona Wood, chief operating officer of Clyde Munro, said, “Sharon is exactly the type of person we nurture and value at Clyde Munro. She has a wealth of experience in the clinical field, a passion for learning and improving dental care for patients and is in tune with the local community and the subtle, but important, requirements of a local dental practice.

“We are thrilled that she is celebrating her 37th year with Maybole Dental Practice and look forward to celebrating many more years with her. From everyone at Clyde Munro group, we would like to extend our thanks to Sharon for her unwavering commitment to the team, the practice and its patients.”