'Dentistry can be a lonely profession' – the mental effects in the aftermath of COVID-19

26 June 2020
4 min read

The stress experienced by dental professionals even before the COVID-19 crisis was said to be reaching concerning levels – why do you think this is?
Dentistry can be a lonely profession.  We are often so busy, and it can be difficult to find time to connect with our peers. As the demand for more convenient appointment times for patients increases, we find ourselves working longer, less sociable hours to meet that demand. This can lead to a less favourable work/life balance.

Also patients are generally more informed and have higher expectations which can be tough to live up to. There is a perception that we must be infallible and, of course, that can put immense strain on us day to day.

Is the mental health of dental professionals as important to address as the physical health concerns magnified by the COVID-19 crisis and, if so, why?
Of course! Mental health must have parity with physical health. If we are not feeling healthy, either physically or mentally, it has the potential to impact our work, our relationships and those around us.

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