Dentists greet call for government to set out plan to restore services

02 October 2020
1 min read

In evidence to the committee earlier this year the BDA had described services under lockdown as "virtually non-existent" and stressed the existential threat to services going forward.

Official data indicates activity in the network of Urgent Dental Care Centres during lockdown fell to as low as two per cent of normal levels for NHS dental services in England. While routine care resumed on June 8, most practices are operating at low capacity, and continue to face an uncertain future given higher costs, restrictions on practise and lower patient numbers.

The BDA has welcomed chair Jeremy Hunt's pledge to reopen the committee's inquiry into dentistry that was abruptly closed by December’s snap general election. The BDA has said it is now essential to tackle the failed systems and funding problems that have dogged services in England for over a decade. 

BDA chair Eddie Crouch said, "Dentistry effectively ceased to exist under lockdown, and we are still a long way from normal service levels.

"Access remains a huge challenge for millions, so it's only right that officials show they appreciate the challenges we now face. There is an opportunity here to work with the profession to develop a plan that meets patient needs for years to come and moves us away from a discredited system. 

"Sticking plaster policies will not get us through this. We need a real willingness to move on from over a decade of failed contracts and underinvestment."  

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