Embrace our common future

01 February 2018
2 min read

Looking back at how much – and how rapidly – dentistry has changed in recent years and then thinking ahead to future challenges, it’s easy to feel nervous.

Maybe you are someone who embraces change with enthusiasm. Or maybe you have reluctantly accepted that resistance is futile in an altering landscape, both within dentistry itself and in the social, economic and political shifts that are impacting on what we do. Maybe you know you need to refocus in order to be prepared to meet these challenges, but are not sure how and where to begin. 

However, the key message remains unchanged; it is that dental professionals are there to deliver both preventive dental care and treatment; and to support patients with the knowledge and skills they need to improve and maintain their own oral health. But a message can only be persuasive if it is delivered effectively. Patients’ needs have changed. They want excellent service from the first point of communication and they want convenience to align with high quality care. If they are not satisfied, they know that they can easily find an alternative practice. Competition in the sector is strong and choice is another element of patient satisfaction.

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