Innovative UK dental group Dentex welcomes its 100th practice

09 November 2021
2 min read

Five short years after partnering with their first practice, Dentex is celebrating a milestone achievement – they have just welcomed the 100th practice into their dental community.   

It may be a relatively young organisation, but Dentex has big aspirations; to be the dental corporate of choice in the UK. An ambitious target, yet the group’s rapid growth of high-quality practices suggests they are doing something right.   

Dentex’s model is unique and designed to protect the individuality and clinical freedom of each practice within the group. When joining Dentex, principals have the choice of exchanging a proportion of ownership of their practice to become a shareholder. They continue to run their practices and retain complete clinical control, whilst knowing there is a safety net of support and a pool of high calibre dentists in the Dentex community to tap into whenever needed. As investors, not ‘employees’, principals share in the wealth the group generates, ensuring a common goal and increasing value through a collaborative dental business for the benefit of all stakeholders.   

The future looks exciting. Dentex is not only on track to continue in its trajectory of impressive, considered growth, but have also recently partnered with learning provider UCan to develop an innovative mobile app and desktop-based learning experience platform. By sharing content and learning journeys, as well as ideas and inspiration, the platform is designed to enhance collective knowledge within the organisation and support the Dentex community in their pursuit of clinical excellence.   

As Dentex continues to grow and evolve, the group remains true to their vision and values, partnering with the right practices and favouring quality over quantity. They are not just passionate about dentistry, but about people. As Barry Lanesman, CEO, comments, “Our purpose and our vision is to be the dental corporate of choice in the UK. You don’t do that by having a lot of practices, you do that by listening to what your practices need and building a practice centric organisation. The beauty of Dentex is that our offering is very different to the typical dental corporate model. We live our values and are people focussed. And people choose to work with us for that reason. We are so proud of changing the conversation about corporates in the UK and will continue to be at the cutting edge of growing and developing dentistry.” 

Justin Rodrigues, investor, notes “Universal Partners invested in Dentex in 2017 when the business owned three practices, so it is a remarkable achievement to reach this milestone in less than five years. Dentex management, the partner support team, our dentists and practice staff have overcome the challenges faced over the last 18 months and the business is in a stronger position than it has ever been, delivering significant organic and acquisitive growth. What is particularly pleasing is that our dentists, who open the doors to our business every single day, now own more than 20 per cent of the company and share in Dentex’s success.” 

Christie & Co managed the sale, with Tom Morley commenting “it was an absolute pleasure to act on behalf of Carla in relation to her sale to Dentex - the partnership between these two parties is sure to be successful. This key acquisition in Essex for Dentex is further proof that quality private dental practices are highly sought after, and that the market continues to be buoyant for practices in Saffron Walden and its surrounding areas.” 

Details on the practices that make up the Dentex community can be found here. 

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