Making the right decision

20 October 2021
2 min read

Suki Singh looks at what you can do if you’re not sure whether a move from the NHS to private dentistry is the right one for you.

Like many dentists, you may be in a position right now where the idea of moving to private dentistry has passed through your mind on more than one occasion. You might be unhappy with your NHS contract, and you want to start thinking about alternative futures, however, you’re not sure whether it is 100 per cent what you want.

If you’re in that position, the best thing you can do is put everything on the table, sit back and look at the bigger picture. A good way to do that is through a technique I recently came across that has been designed by GuruYou coach Rebecca Mander.

It includes five different parts, and these parts are made up of elements such as what you need to consider about the decision, what the best and worst outcomes could be from making the move and what information you require.

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