Something to chew on

30 December 2020
2 min read

Michael Sultan discusses novel ways to administer drugs.

Oral administration of drugs has traditionally remained much the same throughout history. Medication is usually either swallowed in liquid or tablet form or administered via injection, depending on what the purpose of the medication is and the desired effect.

However, while these tried and tested methods certainly work, there are problems that can arise. People may find tablets or liquids difficult to swallow, and injections can cause fear and anxiety, especially in those who have an aversion to pain.

So, what if there was a way to administer oral medication in a way that bypassed these problems? Although medicated chewing gum is not exactly revolutionary, it’s definitely gaining traction as a viable option for some medications, opening up new possibilities that could benefit patients and professionals alike.

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of medicated chewing gum is that it allows patients to avoid the problems experienced when taking medicine orally in other forms. Medicated chewing gum works by slowly releasing the medicine as it is chewed, meaning that there is no need to swallow anything or to receive injections. This is perfect for patients who struggle with traditional methods of taking oral medicine, which in turn, is likely to help improve patient compliance.

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