The GDC's updated response to COVID-19: regulating in uncertain times

24 March 2020
6 min read

The update, which was emailed to UK-registered dental professionals, provides further information about the GDC’s current position on a number of issues relating to their role. The statement reads:

The central role which the GDC has as a regulator is to protect patient safety and to maintain public confidence in dental services. The onset of COVID-19 doesn’t change that, but it is changing – and will continue to change – how we do it in practice.

We know the impact this is having on the profession and the level of challenge and uncertainty involved. Many questions and concerns still remain unanswered, not least on the level of support which may be provided by the government. We don’t want to add to that uncertainty and concern, and hope that the information provided here helps you understand what actions we are taking to provide help and clarity where we are able to.

Our approach is based on two core principles: minimising the burden of time and attention we impose on registrants; and maximising the flexibility of registrants to manage their professional activities in response to the challenges of COVID-19.

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