The post-lockdown opportunities

01 August 2020
3 min read
Volume 38 · Issue 8

RS: Do you think facial aesthetics still represents a good opportunity for growth?

HS: Absolutely. During lockdown I was busier than I had been before because so many dentists were approaching me about facial aesthetics and property investment.

Dentists, as we know, generally work quite long hours and there’s not always time for reflecting on your own life, work/life balance, family relationships, and so on. One of the positives of lockdown is that it gave people the perfect opportunity to take the time, without feeling guilty that they weren’t doing something else, to reflect about their life.

I think a lot of dentists who have been reflecting have found that they want to add different income streams to their business because they know dentistry is not going to go back to normal straight away. However, if you’re restricted to only doing emergency treatments, you can supplement your income by also offering facial aesthetic services.

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