Common complications with advanced implant surgery

22 November 2021
3 min read

Boota Uhbi discusses some of the issues clinicians need to be aware of.

As dental implants have become incredibly popular over the last two decades, the procedure is now something that the everyday patient could expect to encounter at some point in their lives. Advanced implant surgery, however, can be complex and complications can arise post-surgery.

Potential issues with bone grafting
Bone grafting is a great way to prepare the mouth for an implant if there has been some deterioration after tooth loss or trauma. However, like many surgical procedures it does not come without possible complications and risks. Some issues that a patient can incur after the procedure include infection, bleeding, swelling, nerve damage, and more. The risks of these problems occurring will vary depending on things such as whether or not you’re using donor tissue for autogenous grafts, the patient’s age, and other medical conditions. Smoking or diabetes can affect the healing time of a patient and increase the risk of unforeseen complications.

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