Implementation of SNOMED CT for UK Dental Practice Management Software

02 September 2021
1 min read

The Dental Software Suppliers Association (DSSA) have been working alongside regulatory and industry bodies, including the Business Services Authority, NHS X and the Chief Dental Office, regarding the implementation of SNOMED CT.

We are aware that users of our members’ dental practice management software are contacting us to ask about the go live date which set as September 1, 2021.  We can confirm that the ability to input SNOMED codes against treatment codes is available in all DSSA members’ products.  Please see the links for specifics at the bottom of this article.

It is important to note that, to date, we have not received a finalised set of SNOMED CT codes to be incorporated into our practice management software solutions.

The Dental Software Suppliers Association is continuing to seek clarification on the following points:

  1. How and when SNOMED codes should be recorded in the day-to-day workflows of diagnosis and treatment through your practice management software.


  1. The finalised list of SNOMED codes for practice management systems to implement, with mapping to treatment and diagnosis codes within the software.


  1. How practices are expected to use the recorded SNOMED codes; when/if the information should be viewed, transmitted or simply stored in the database.


Please be assured that all DSSA member supported customers will be provided with functionality to enable them to remain compliant with all requirements.

Each dental software supply company shall communicate directly with their customers as each of the above points are clarified and a roadmap for inclusion within the software is agreed upon.


DSSA Members:

Admor: DentalPlus

Aerona Software

BHA Software: Pearl Dental Software

Carestream Dental: R4+ practice management software

Carestream Dental: OrthoTrac practice management software

Carestream Dental: Sensei Cloud practice management platform

Chiral Systems Practice Management Software

Dentsys practice management software:

Henry Schein: Dentally practice management software

Henry Schein: Software of Excellence practice management software

LpySoft: Cloud 4 Dentists

LpySoft: Cloud 4 Ortho

Status Point Practice Management Software