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Behavioural therapy app developed to help patients overcome dental fear

A new app created by researchers at NYU College of Dentistry and Penn School of Dental Medicine uses smartphones and virtual reality to help people face their fears.

Organisation pledges to reduce barriers for overseas dental professionals

The International Dental Organisation UK (IDO UK) will formally launch in London on March 6, 2024. It aims to improve the quality of dental care and access to it and to support overseas dentists in...

Hartlepool dental clinic offers free children's appointments

A Hartlepool dentist is providing local children with free check-ups, regardless of whether they are registered with the practice or not.

Flexible dental offering aims to enhance customer oral health

Unum UK, an employee benefits provider, has boosted its dental offering and partnered with Toothfairy, an award-winning digital dentist.

Seventy-one per cent of adults support the prime minister’s ambition to stamp out smoking

Parliamentarians across both houses urge the government to listen to the public and put the Tobacco...

Dento-legal essay competition launched

The Dental Law and Ethics Forum (DLEF) has announced the launch of its essay prize for 2024. This prestigious prize, now in its third year, is designed to inspire young dentists to engage with the...

Brits need to stop these dangerous DIY dental treatments, dentist warns

Due to a shortage of dentists and difficulties in NHS registration, some Brits are resorting to risky at-home dental treatments. A 116 per cent increase in DIY cosmetic dentistry has been observed,...

Cambridge private dental practice partners with healthcare group

Christie & Co, a specialist business property adviser, has announced the sale of Hurst Park Dental Practice in Cambridge.

In memory of John Brookman, 1931-2024

John Brookman, one of the founding board members of the Faculty of General Dental Practice and the founder of Vocational Training for GDPs, passed away peacefully on January 27, 2024, aged 92.

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Dental surgery announces expansion plans

A Cambridgeshire dental practice has set forth expansion plans to take over neighbouring properties. The surgery also hopes to increase the number of dentists working there to help meet local demand.

Norfolk practice opens with 3,000 appointment requests

The Dental Design studio opened to 3,000 email appointment requests on February 21, 2024.

Mouth to mouth bacteria transplant may stop dental decay

University of Adelaide researchers are exploring if a unique transplant moving good bacteria from one person’s mouth to another – possibly through a special toothpaste - could be the answer to...

Regulator issues advice for employers on menopause

New guidance on menopause in the workplace, setting out employer’s legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010, was issued on February 21, 2024, by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Japanese research reveals the cause of bad breath

In a study published in mSystems, researchers from Osaka University revealed that the interaction between two common types of oral bacteria leads to the production of a chemical compound that is a...

Mobile dental service for under-served communities in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight has partnered with Dentaid The Dental Charity to provide a new mobile dental service for people experiencing health inequalities who struggle to get dental care.

Patients are travelling to India for dental care, says Scottish minister

Willie Rennie, a Scottish Liberal Democrat, accused the SNP Government of “excruciating neglect” on February 20, 2024. He revealed that Scottish patients are having to travel to India for dental care...

CEO of London clinics calls for more support for NHS dentistry

The CEO of three of the largest dental clinics in London is calling for an overhaul of NHS dentistry, arguing that the recovery plans announced by the government do not go far enough.

Does gargling mouthwash lead to better sugar control for diabetics?

Researchers from Osaka University found that gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouths of people with type 2 diabetes and may lead to better blood sugar control.

Government plans to boost the dental workforce by cutting red tape on international registration

The government’s proposal would give the General Dental Council (GDC) powers to provisionally register dentists trained overseas to start delivering care as quickly as possible.

Is your practice a leader in infection control?

Laura Edgar, the managing director of Aura Infection Control, a leading authority in decontamination and cross-infection control in the UK, shared her most crucial advice for dental practices at...

Tackling oral biofilm at home

Margaret Black reveals the trick to keeping oral disease at bay.

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