Grand benefits for you and your patients

The pandemic has brought new challenges to everyone – especially to autonomous professionals like dentists. Doctors and clinic managers have also been adapting to provide safe treatments to patients...

‘Perio plus’ proves beneficial in viral load reduction

A new study has found that ‘Perio plus regenerate’ mouthwash reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load in saliva.

QCS launches pre-registration pack

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), a leading provider of content, guidance and policies for the dental sector, has created a pre-registration pack for new dental practices.

Experience the difference

It’s now nearly a year since the launch of the Oral-B iO. This new electric toothbrush has undoubtedly taken the profession by storm, and a quick flick through Instagram will tell you that those...

Starting small or going big?

Don’t overlook your dental software – more often than not, it comes with a product purchase for free so you might not be aware of the benefits, or the possible problems, that you need to look out for....

Game-changing composite

'The Dentist' talks to Akit Patel about GC’s new universal composite.