Finnish Hygienist Scoops £3,000 Wand Unit

Nea Korpela is the lucky recipient of a Wand computerized anaesthesia unit worth around £3,000. The competition was organised by Dental Sky, who chose to promote it via Reena Wadia, a keen advocate...

British Society of Periodontology releases clinical practice guidelines

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) engaged a group of international experts to systematically review evidence from clinical studies to create clinical guidelines for the treatment of...

FGDP North West Study Day goes online

The FGDP(UK) North West Division has announced that its Study Day on Sunday March 27, 2021 will now be an online event. Broadcast live from the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the all-day...

Dental practices identify over eight per cent of patients with undiagnosed diabetes in new study

Out of 1,143 patients, 97 patients more than eight per cent were identified with undiagnosed diabetes or prediabetes. The study found that using a FINDRISC (FINnish Diabetes Risk Score) questionnaire...

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on delivering periodontology treatments

The start of 2020 saw the global coronavirus pandemic affect many facets of public health across the world. Experts are only just starting to understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic. It has...

Promising new treatment could regenerate gum tissue and prevent tooth loss

Gum disease is one of the most widespread diseases in the United Kingdom. When left untreated, the consequences can become irreversible. Now, a new procedure could treat the problem.

Study highlights link between gum disease and premature labour

Pregnant women with gum disease are significantly more likely to go into early labour, according to the findings of a new study.

J&S Davis re-launches Curasept products in the UK

J&S Davis are proud to announce that they are the new sole distributors for Curasept product range in the UK and Ireland.