New Technology

Green light whitening treatment

New research from ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces has created an innovative hydrogel treatment. The gel breaks apart cavity forming bio-films and whitens teeth without damage.

Enhancing denture design

Dentures or bridges are prosthetics used to replace missing teeth. Replacing these teeth are essential for retaining chewing function and stop malocclusion or bite irregularities. The prosthetic also...

Analogue or digital impressions?

The International Dental Show (IDS) 2023 demonstrates how trusted and innovative concepts complement each other.  

Scottish dentists test AI to help identify tooth decay

Pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) which can improve the accuracy of the way early tooth decay is diagnosed and prevented is being tested for the first time in Scotland by Clyde Munro Dental...

Shapeshifting micro-robots can brush and floss teeth

In a recent proof-of-concept study, a team from University of Pennsylvania have shown that a shapeshifting mic-robotic microswarm can be used to brush, rinse and floss in one.

Be app smart

Kate Scheer discusses the use of smartphones in practice.

Creating a modern practice

A look at one practice’s refurbishment success.

Ultrasound system targets mouth to create virtual reality haptic effects

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have exploited the sensitivity of the mouth to devise a practical new way for people to receive tactile feedback in virtual worlds.

The role of technology

Danny Grannick explores how new technologies are impacting oral health and dentistry.

Is your practice powered by innovation?

George Cheetham explains why forward-thinking practitioners would be wise to keep pace with new technology.

Research reveals in impact of language barriers in UK healthcare

Healthcare workers in the UK are losing as much as half a working day every week overcoming language barriers.

Big hitters join UK’s leading dental AI provider

Manchester Imaging Limited (MIL), the company behind AssistDent, announces two new appointments, as Ben Atkins and Jana Denzel join their expanding team of dental technology specialists.