General Health

ASH comments on research showing rise in smoking

In response to the publication of research by Mintel, which found that over half of smokers are “stress-smoking” more and 10 per cent are lighting up again after quitting, Hazel Cheeseman, director of...

Support for those in need

Diane Rochford discusses the support available for dental hygienists and therapists.

Riding away the hours…

Sarah Bradbury discusses the pandemic’s impact on general health and fitness.

Combatting childhood dental fear

Giving every child the best possible start to a lifetime of good oral health is the BDPD’s overarching mission. But one of the many challenges they face is dental anxiety, a reality for many children,...

Study shows non-smokers have better mental health

On No Smoking Day 2021 smokers are encouraged to put smoking behind them for a brighter future. New evidence published this week shows that smokers who quit for six weeks or more are happier than...

CDO for England encourages dental teams to help survivors and victims of domestic abuse

In her latest NHS dentistry and oral health update, CDO Sara Hurley has called on the dental profession to help spot the signs of domestic abuse and to support survivors and victims.

Gum disease linked to Covid-19 complications

Covid-19 patients are at least three times more likely to experience complications if they also have gum disease, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, the...

An ongoing concern

Ellen Cummings talks to Michelle Vickers about cancer diagnoses and the impact of Covid-19.

At the heart of oral health

Diane Rochford discusses the role oral health plays in maintaining a healthy heart.

Providing added protection from Covid-19

As dental practices remain open, many dentists are taking extra precautions to protect themselves, their staff and their clients during consultations.  Whilst many dental professionals are relieved...

A worthy cause

Martin Wanendeya explains how dental practices can help support Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

Time for long-term change?

Kimberley Lloyd discusses why a teetotal lifestyle should continue beyond Dry January.