Clinical Dentistry

Rapid makeover

Richard Brown describes how he treated a patient with microdontia and crowding, delivering a minimally invasive outcome within just three appointments.

A wise approach?

Kaval Patel considers the problems with treatment of the third molar.

Three new members elected to the FGDP Board and CGDent Council

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP(UK)) has announced the results of recent elections to its National Board, with three new members elected and two re-elected.

A blueprint for transition to adult services?

The transition from specialist paediatric dental care to an NHS adult service for children who have suffered a traumatic dental injury (TDI) should be underpinned by an adaptable pathway, according to...

Anterior contact deprogramming

Siddarth Gupta presents a case in which he treated a patient suffering from anterior tooth wear with composite restorations, achieving a functional and aesthetic transformation.

Delivering a predictable outcome

Harrison Child presents a case in which he treated a patient with composite veneers using an injection-mould technique.

Art and science combined

Allan Matthews describes overcoming challenges when restoring a molar.

Treating orthodontic relapse

Patrick Puckett presents a recent case study using clear aligners to treat upper and lower orthodontic relapse.

A case for collaboration

Nina Lord presents a recent case study detailing a collaboration between a dentist and a dental therapist.

Combining traditional and digital techniques

Kunal Shah presents a recent case study.

Minimal intervention to achieve natural-looking results

Nishan Dixit presents a case study with a six-year follow-up. A 33-year-old female patient in good general health attended the practice complaining about the appearance of her upper anterior teeth....

A naturally aesthetic smile

Thomas Sealey describes how he successfully avoided invasive and costly ceramic treatment.