Aesthetic Dentistry

Getting to the heart of occlusion

Occlusion is a core principle of almost every dental procedure, yet it remains one of the most misunderstood concepts in dentistry. To shed some light on the subject, Clark Dental is delighted to have...

The BACD to take part in BBC Radio 4 programme

This Wednesday, the BACD will be taking part in a special feature on a BBC Radio 4 programme exploring the current trend of reality stars and influencers undergoing invasive cosmetic dental treatment....

Luke Barnett Laboratory now working with Boutique Whitening

Luke Barnett Laboratory is delighted to announce that it is now working alongside Boutique Whitening. In what has been seen as a new chapter in teeth whitening, Luke Barnett’s trays coupled with...

Simple whitening

Tif Qureshi presents a recent case study. This patient expressed an interest in veneers. However, he considered ABB, and after orthodontic treatment, he was happy but still wanted veneers.

Aesthetic, reliable result

Nishan Dixit describes how he restored a carious posterior tooth using a composite layering technique for a durable, natural-looking finish.

Health charity voices concerns following investigation into illegal teeth whitening

The Oral Health Foundation is advising people to avoid having dental treatment outside of the dental surgery, following a new BBC report into the rise of illegal teeth whitening procedures.

FGDP urges botox ad compliance

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP(UK)) is encouraging dentists and dental practices offering botulinum toxin injections to ensure their marketing is legally compliant.

New smile transforms a life

A young woman who was suffering from depression because of a rare dental condition has now got a new lease of life, thanks to one of the UK’s top dentists.

Medal-winning smile

Last night Dina Asher-Smith became the first ever British sprint champion when she won the World Athletics Championship 200 metre gold. Dina has just completed her Invisalign treatment to make sure...

New review casts doubt on the efficacy of charcoal toothpastes

According to a new review published in the British Dental Journal, consumers should be warned that ‘gimmicky’ over the counter charcoal-based toothpastes or powders do not whiten teeth and may have...

Specialist facial surgeons warn of life-altering risks to self-injecting dermal fillers

The British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS) has warned people thinking about self-injecting dermal fillers that they need to understand the significant, and potentially...

Supporting the future of facial aesthetics

The Botulinum Toxin Club are calling all dental practitioners linked to facial aesthetics, whether they have previous experience, currently provide facial aesthetic treatment or plan to in the future.