Dental Equipment

Early detection is key

A look at the importance of improving the discovery of mouth cancer.

Using automation

Kate Scheer discusses the maintenance of handpieces.

The only dental company recognised by the NHS

The state-of-the-art Chairsyde consultation platform was the only dental organisation to be recognised as an official partner in the ‘Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service’ campaign.

Guidance issued to address air supply concerns

British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), the national trade body, has produced guidance on the correct process to select authorised, licensed medical gas cylinder suppliers.

Oil-free air compressor specifically designed for 3D printing in dental labs

By releasing the new MGF X Line range of oil-free compressors into the UK market, FPS Air Compressors is providing dental labs running CAD/CAM-driven milling machines and 3D printers with a proven way...

Improving the basics

Nimisha Nariapara explains how to upgrade your day-to-day dentistry.

The importance of dental implant stability

Kate Scheer considers how to ensure successful osseointegration.

Best practices for instruments disinfection and decontamination

A look at the steps for safe sterilisation.  

Eco-friendly flossing device launches

New to the dental market in 2023, Friendly Floss is a stainless-steel flossing device for those who care about oral hygiene and the environment. It’s the brainchild of Giles and Leslie Edwards,...

Sterile air in practice – why does it matter?

Michael George explains the role of the air compressor.

Overcoming challenges when providing crowns

Nicolas Coomber discusses the importance of treatment planning.

Dental equipment that destroys viruses

To meet the evolving disinfection and decontamination needs of dental professionals since the pandemic, a team of Lithuanian researchers have developed three innovative new pieces of equipment.