Dental Materials

Game-changing composite

'The Dentist' talks to Akit Patel about GC’s new universal composite.

First ever fluoride-containing bioglass toothpaste wins FDA approval

British-developed BioMin F, known in the US as Dr.Collins BioMin Restore Plus, is to be available in the USA.

Sendoline acquired by Directa

Directa announced the acquisition of the Swedish endodontics manufacturer Sendoline AB on December 15, 2020.

Tips on saving cement waste

John Rafelt, scientific affairs manager at 3M Oral Care UK and Ireland, discusses how practitioners can save 80 per cent of cement waste.

Clinical evaluation

Trevor Burke and Russell Crisp present a clinical evaluation of SDI Zipbond by the PREP Panel.

Time-saving temporary crowns

John Rafelt discusses the benefits of temporary crowns. Over many years, 3M Oral Care has researched and developed a highly sophisticated and innovative range of temporary materials. The Protemp...

Speed and efficiency

John Rafelt discusses key factors in ensuring patient satisfaction.

Your role in your patients’ happiness

Mark Allen explains how dentistry plays an important part in wider general health and wellbeing.

An extra safety belt

George Black explains why it makes sense to choose fluoride-releasing restorative materials.

Goodbye metal mouth

Phillip Silver considers how advances in technology are improving options for patients.