Getting to the root cause of diagnosis

Alyn Morgan considers the problem of determining case complexity and its impact on treatment planning.

Utilising bioceramics the right way in endodontics

We talked to Josette Camilleri about the importance of understanding your materials.

Managing extremely curved root canals

Mark Allen outlines the challenges clinicians face when treating patients with complex anatomy.

Changing views on the restorability of teeth

Alyn Morgan explores how attitudes towards endodontics are shifting.

All things endodontics

Alyn Morgan looks back at the 2023 British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show (BDCDS).

Learn endodontics anytime, anywhere

The new on-demand endodontics curriculum from Dentsply Sirona is designed to build on clinicians’ skills through self-paced, user-friendly, interactive online learning.

Certainty every step of the way

Mark Allen explains ways to test for pulpitis.

Advancement in micro-robotics may improve endodontic treatments

Developments in microrobots and nanotechnology could be used in endodontics to access  “difficult-to-reach root canal surfaces, disrupt biofilm, retrieve samples for diagnosis and even deliver drugs”,...

Upgrade your endo for superior patient comfort

HySolate Latex Dams are low protein, powder-free dental dams, and newly launched by leading dental manufacturer Coltene. Replacing all powdered latex dams, this is a move towards healthier endo, as...

Improving quality of life

Mark Allen looks at the impact successful endo can have on elderly patients.

‘Positive stress’ boosts tooth tissue regeneration

Typically, stress is considered a negative factor for an individual's health. But a new study at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Dentistry suggests that ‘positive stress’ could have a positive...