Infection Prevention and Control

In response to polio virus detection in London

BSPD advises GDP members to discuss immunisation with patients. 

NHS dentistry and oral health update

Sarah Hurley, chief dental officer for England, and Lisa Richie, head of infection prevention control for NHS England, recently published a new NHS dentistry and oral health update which focused on...

Antibacterial bioactive glass doubles down on microbial resistance to antibiotics

Infections linked to medical devices such as catheters, dental implants, orthopaedics and wound dressings could be dramatically reduced using a simple technique, according to new research, media...

Reducing Covid-19 risk during dentist appointments

According to a study by The University of Leeds, dentists could significantly increase the number of patients they see during the pandemic by switching the drills they use.

New environmentally-friendly shield could offer better protection during dental surgery

Dental patients and practitioners could be better protected from Covid-19 and other airborne viruses and bacteria thanks to the development of a new environmentally-friendly shield by a...

Dentists: new guidelines will not soften blow of Scottish government plans

The British Dental Association (BDA) Scotland has said new standard operating procedures for dentists, published recently, will not restore access to pre-covid levels.

New covid guidelines unlikely to bring 'business as usual' back to dentistry

The British Dental Association has said new standard operating procedures for dentists in England, published recently, are unlikely to represent a silver bullet for restoring patient access to...

Local exhaust ventilation to control dental aerosols and droplets

These devices are designed to be placed over the patient’s mouth to capture aerosols and droplets at the source.

Covid-19 management in the dental setting

The outbreak of Covid-19 has affected many aspects of our lives over the past year. Our health and wellbeing have been thrust to the forefront as a result, with the majority of the population taking...

An NHS update from Sara Hurley and Ed Waller

Sara Hurley, chief dental officer England, and Ed Waller, director of primary care NHS England, have released a new update regarding isolation guidance for NHS workers.

A Contactless World

Even before the world changed with Covid-19, the use of contactless technology had been on a gradual rise.

Make your infection control more efficient

What can you do to streamline infection control and reclaim this time? One key way is to look at the infection control systems you’re currently using in practice and see if there are any ways to...