Infection Prevention and Control

MDDUS comment on the continued use of face masks in healthcare settings after July 19

Stephen Henderson, MDDUS head of dental, comments on the continued use of mask masks in healthcare settings after July 19.

Up-to-date training

A look at one practice’s infection prevention and control CPD journey.

Infection control in uncertain times

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced a number of challenges for dental practices. Not only did many practices close for a period of time during the first national lockdown, but with ever-changing...

Reducing the aerosol transmission risk

Jayson Cook explains how you can reduce the Covid-19 aerosol transmission risk and cut fallow time.

Coronavirus spread during dental procedures could be reduced with slower drill rotation

Researchers from Imperial College London and King’s College London have found that careful selection and operation of dental drills can minimise the spread of Covid-19 through aerosols.

Is your handpiece contaminated?

A look at how disinfection and decontamination relates to dental handpieces.

Adapting to the new normal

Eschmann speaks to Zoe Pollard, spa manager and treatment coordinator at Black Swan Dental Spa, about how infection control protocols have changed in practice as a response to the pandemic.

Efficient air purification

It seems obvious that pollutants outdoors are detrimental to our health and are best to be avoided where possible, but how often do we stop to think about the quality of our indoor air? Air quality is...

Covid-19 antibody test designed for use by dentists released

Oral healthcare manufacturer Curaden is releasing a coronavirus antibody rapid test suitable for the dental profession – the BioSURE Covid-19 IgA, IgC & IgM Antibody cassette test.

Supporting the dental profession throughout the second Covid-19 wave

The CDOs for the four nations – Tom Ferris (Scotland), Colette Bridgman (Wales), Michael Donaldson (Northern Ireland) and Sara Hurley (England) – have released a letter addressing the dental...

New BDA Covid-19 toolkits available for England, Wales and Scotland

The BDA has updated its online toolkits for England, Wales and Scotland to include the latest guidance from the recently revised standard operating procedures.

FDS welcomes new infection prevention and control guidance for UK dental settings

The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England has welcomed the publication of the Covid-19: infection prevention and control dental appendix, which provides updated...