New Technology

Ultrasound system targets mouth to create virtual reality haptic effects

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have exploited the sensitivity of the mouth to devise a practical new way for people to receive tactile feedback in virtual worlds.

The role of technology

Danny Grannick explores how new technologies are impacting oral health and dentistry.

Is your practice powered by innovation?

George Cheetham explains why forward-thinking practitioners would be wise to keep pace with new technology.

Research reveals in impact of language barriers in UK healthcare

Healthcare workers in the UK are losing as much as half a working day every week overcoming language barriers.

Big hitters join UK’s leading dental AI provider

Manchester Imaging Limited (MIL), the company behind AssistDent, announces two new appointments, as Ben Atkins and Jana Denzel join their expanding team of dental technology specialists.

Pocketalk announces GDPR compliance and Pocketalk Plus, as it transitions from hardware-centric business to global solution

Pocketalk, a leader in connecting conversations and removing language barriers, recently announced GDPR compliance, along with its new product for healthcare settings, the Pocketalk Plus.

Dentists’ Provident appoints new board member

Dentists’ Provident, leading income protection provider for the dental industry, has appointed Matt Payne to its board.

UK medical device company Acurable receives US FDA clearance for its home sleep apnoea testing device

AcuPebble SA100, a small wearable device that enables automated, remote home testing to detect obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in adults, has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device...

A game-changer for dentistry?

Michael Sultan considers the potential impact of anthroengineering.

ADEPT study proves the benefits of AI technology for dentistry

Developments in AI are of growing interest to the dental profession and now a peer-reviewed study has proven that a new AI tool significantly enhances dentists’ ability to detect enamel-only proximal...

Is dentistry, literally, out of this world?

A new discovery has been made on how the chemical element fluorine – which is found in our teeth and bones and fluoride, is forged in the universe.  

Improving understanding of how acid damages teeth

The University of Surrey and the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham have developed a new technique to improve understanding of how acid damages teeth at the microstructural level.