Oral health

Giving ‘mouth to mouth’ a whole new meaning!

Micheal Sultan discusses oral bacteria transplants.

Plymouth invests £4m to create a dental surgery

A new city centre dental clinic in Plymouth is set to provide up to 3,500 appointments per year from late 2025 onwards. 

Wolverhampton shines a light on good oral health among young people

The City of Wolverhampton Council and The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust are delivering a series of oral health initiatives for children and young people during National Smile Month 2024.

NHS campaign encourages Essex children to smile brightly

As part of National Smile Month (May 13 to June 13, 2024), NHS Mid and South Essex is launching a new campaign, ' Bright smiles are healthy smiles’.

Bruxism observed in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder

According to a study published in Clinical Oral Investigation, patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) frequently report teeth clenching or grinding during the day – a behaviour named...

Accelerating the decline in dental decay

Loven Ganeswaran considers the best approach for clinicians to take.

6.3m employees have avoided the dentist due to cost-of-living fears

According to Unum UK, 21 per cent of employees — equivalent to 6.3m people of working age —avoided dental appointments in 2023 due to fears over the expense.

Healthcare provider partners with the Special Olympics

 Henry Schein Inc., a provider of healthcare solutions, has announced it has extended its partnership with Special Olympics through 2025 to support health screening and education for its athletes.

One in 10 have travelled abroad for dentistry

Nearly one in 10 (nine per cent) - or five million Brits - have travelled abroad for dentistry, according to Canada Life’s research. On average, they spent £3,780 each.

A fifth of UK adults have performed a dental procedure on themselves

Research from Canada Life reveals that a fifth (18 per cent) of UK adults—equivalent to 9.4m people— have performed a dental procedure on themselves.

Shetland mouth cancer awareness event

Staff from the University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Dentistry travelled north recently to raise awareness about mouth cancer at a special event in Shetland.

Children’s bad teeth could be linked to lack of vitamin D in pregnancy

Many children have teeth that are practically falling apart due to weak enamel. Now researchers have studied whether a lack of vitamin D during pregnancy could be the culprit.